From the Möltner cross “Wetterkreuz” you enjoy an overwhelming 360 degree mountain panorama from the peaks of Odle across the distinctive Sasso Piatto, the mighty Sciliar, Catinaccio and nearby Monte Luco. The Ortles Group greets from afar, the Gruppo del Tessa is close enough to touch.

In April, the absolute highlight on Möltner Joch is the beautiful crocus blossom. It transforms the green meadows into a colorful sea of flowers, offering a unique sight. Start your hike from the parking lot at Kircheben, Schermoos, or near Gasthaus Lanzenschuster. The trails are pleasant and can be customized according to your preferences!

In April 2024, the crocus blossom began on Sunday, April 7, 2024. By April 13, 2024, it was in full bloom, and we can still enjoy this natural spectacle for a few more days and weeks! Start your hike in time to not miss out on this breathtaking sight.