Meltina is situated in the middle of the Altopiano del Salto, a high plateau stretching between Bolzano and Merano at altitudes of 1,000 to 2,000 m. Meltina consists of the four communities of Meltina, Frassineto, Vallesina and Salonetto and has approx. 1,700 inhabitants. The village centre of Meltina is at an altitude of 1,133 m. The roads to Meltina run from Terlano, from Bolzano via San Genesio or from Merano via Avelengo. The cable car takes you gently from Vilpiano near Terlano up to the village in the mountain.

Meltina on the Salto, home of the Haflinger
The Altopiano del Salto is the origin of the Haflinger horses and the region where the most Haflingers are bred and kept. The first cooperative of Haflinger horse breeders was founded in Meltina in 1904.

Between Meltina and San Genesio is Salto, Europe’s largest high plateau with light-filled larch woods and breathtaking views of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. With its gentle hills Salto is ideal for easy hikes and bike tours.