Winery Wilhelm Walch

Via Andreas Hofer 1
39040 Termeno - Tramin
General description

For 145 years, Wilhelm Walch in Tramin has counted itself among the most renowned vineyards in Alto Adige. More than five generations have contributed to the family company, whereby great differences have existed in the orientation towards winegrowing and vinification as well as towards marketing during the various eras. Whereas earlier – at least in certain periods of time – the production of larger yields was the most important goal, the present generation now has nearly done an about-face, aiming for reductions in yield and maximization of the quality of the grapes as well as that of the end product in the bottle. A tour of the Walch cellar in Tramin shows in a very impressive way the long history of the winery and, in general, of grape cultivation and winemaking in Alto Adige:

Much tradition, illustrated by the unique, artistically carved wooden barrels or the deep corridors of the cellar; on the other hand, the fluid transition into modern cellar techniques combined with up to date architecture. It is through this that the discerning consumer senses the efforts of the winery (giving the local varietals a certain precedence over the international ones may serve as an example here) to produce wines which satisfy the highest, most modern demands while at the same time honor the roots of winemaking in Alto Adige

description to arrive at destination

From Brenner use the Motorway to Ora - Egna - Termeno. From here, follow the signs until Termeno (around 4kilometers from the Motorway)

Open all year long after appointment: yearlong
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